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APOLLO 12 LEGEND - in person signed print ALAN BEAN - MOONWALKER



APOLLO 12 LEGEND - in person signed print ALAN BEAN - MOONWALKER  

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Alan LaVern Bean (born March 15, 1932) is a former NASA astronaut and painter. Bean was selected to become an astronaut by NASA in 1963 as part of Astronaut Group 3. He made his first flight into space aboard Apollo 12, the second manned mission to land on the Moon, at the age of thirty-seven years in November 1969. During this mission, Bean became the fourth human to walk on the Moon. He made his second and final flight into space on the Skylab 3 mission in 1973, the second manned mission to the Skylab space station. After retiring from the United States Navy in 1975 and NASA in 1981, Bean pursued his interest in painting, depicting various space-related scenes and documenting his own experiences in space as well as that of his fellow Apollo Program astronauts.

Title of the image.

Thats how it felt to walk on the moon

In the words of Alan Bean

That is the single question Ive been asked most often since November 19, 1969. Ive said, "Its the feeling of excitement a person experiences only when their lifes vision becomes a reality." Or, "Its the feeling one has when years of dedication and training finally make their most cherished dream come true." Often Ill remember, "I felt a long, long way - 239,000 miles at least - from most of the people and places I love." I might also add, "It seemed unreal...impossible...but my space gear, and the familiar voices from Earth told me otherwise." From time to time, I would look down and say to myself, "This is the Moon," and then I would look up at a small, beautiful, bright, blue-and-white sphere hanging in the mysterious, luminous black sky and say to myself, "that is the Earth." Ive tried a lot of words over the years, but I dont think Ive ever completely expressed my feelings about that incredible experience.

The original idea for this painting came to me in 1986. I began painting what had taken shape in my mind but, when it was nearly completed, the painting just didnt feel right.

I set it aside for several months, but studied it every day or so. A new vision emerged that elicited happier and more exhilarating thoughts and emotions, ones closely related to how it actually felt. Then I was able to finish the painting.

A real gem for any fan or collector. 


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